Art 8 Syllabus



 The eighth grade art program is an elective art course at Penns Valley Middle School. This particular course in this school year will meet every day one period for a semester.


 During this art course we will build on the seventh grade art experience while introducing some new mediums. As in seventh grade each student will be required to keep a notebook and will have a partner to compare notes with and discuss the current project. This notebook will be graded two times during each marking period (once before progress reports and again at the end of the marking period). This notebook grade by the end of the course will count the same as any project we do. We also will continue written evaluations at this level of art. Remember this is a “studio” course, which means we do the majority of work in class, which means you need to be here to be successful and make use of “Ram Time” when you miss class!


 Some of the work/areas covered in this course are…

                                                Gradation (2 Parts)

Color Studies (2 Parts)

                                                Advertising & Package Design (2 Parts)

                                                Watercolor Study (2 Parts)


                                                Cartooning & Caricature Drawing (3 Parts)


                                                & 1 or 2 other areas as time permits


 For grading purposes each project counts the same as every other project you will do in this class. Your notebook grade will count the same as any individual project. Some projects that we will do may be broken down into individual parts however all the parts will count as one project grade.


 The notebook that each student is to keep is for the development of an art vocabulary that is to be used in class when talking about projects and in evaluations when writng about work. Vocabulary will be tested in class from time to time using a variety of methods to better meet all student learning modes.


We will be focusing on viewing Fine Art and other older student artwork while completing various types of writing prompts to open-ended questions as-well-as doing project evaluations.


Progress Reports will be a print-out from eschoolbook at the midpoint of each marking period.




4 Steps of Evaluation

  1. What do I see? (Description) – Talk like you’re on the phone and the other person can’t see your project.
  2. How is the work organized? (Analysis) – What were the steps you followed to create the artwork?
  3. What message does this artwork communicate? (Interpretation) – What is this artwork trying to say to people?
  4. Is this a successful work of art? (Judgment) – Why? Do not just say yes or no!


Extra Credit

Students may submit up to five extra credit projects per marking period. Each project determined to be worthy of extra credit will result in one point added onto the marking period grade. Any extra credit submission should reflect at least 30 minutes of effort!





  1. Be in class on time. If you are going to be late you need a signed planner. (This means in the room and at your table not just getting in the door at the bell). Each time you are late I deduct a point from your 9 Week average for the class (late 5 times your grade goes down 5 Points).
  2. Have your planner if you need to leave the room other than for the restroom.
  3. No Swearing in class. (Swearing is not part of Normal conversation and is definitely not appropriate in a school classroom.)


All rules as written in the school handbook are in effect at all times in room 31.



For information on projects, assignments, and due dates please visit my website at www.pennsvalley.org/webpages/wmiles