Art I Syllabus

Art I


  Art I is the first of the sequential art courses at Penns Valley. How you perform in this course will have an impact on your being able to enroll in Art II, Art III, or Art IV later in school. During this art course you will be keeping a sketchbook and taking a final, both which are required to complete the course.


  Remember this is a “studio” course, which means we do the majority of work in class so you need to be here to be successful. Some of the areas in this course are:

1.     Illustration

2.     Relief Printing

3.     Clay Sculpture

4.     Stenciling

5.     Figure Drawing

6.     Perspective

7.     Acrylic Painting


  Each project counts equally towards your grade for this course.


Sketchbooks & Notebooks

  During the marking period you will be given sketchbook assignments to complete. These assignments are not optional. Most of the sketchbook assignments will be done in class while others will be done outside of the classroom period.

  The notebook that each student is to keep is for the development of an art vocabulary, which is to be used in class when talking about projects. Vocabulary will be tested in class from time to time using a variety of methods to better meet all student learning modes.

  Sketchbooks/Notebooks will be graded two times, once before progress reports and the other prior to the end of the marking period. The two-sketchbook/notebook grades will be combined to one grade for the course. This one grade counts the same as any project. If you are in school the day a sketchbook/notebook is due it is up to you to hand it in even if you don’t attend class that day for whatever reason. You will lose one point each day a deadline is missed for handing in this assignment.


Course Final

  Attached you will find the Final Exam for this class. For the written part of the exam you are to respond in paragraph form using all the standard rules of writing. The written exam should include all relevant vocabulary for the projects you’ve selected and for the summary of your “accomplishments” as an artist. You will be told the date of your final approximately two weeks in advanced. Failure to complete the final on the assigned day will result in a five-point reduction for each school day it is delayed. An incomplete grade for the course will be given to any student not fulfilling the District requirement for a final exam.



We will be doing Informational writing using the 4 Steps of Evaluation for classroom projects. Students will also be doing vocabulary exercises. All of these activities will be part of the sketchbook/notebook grade.


4 Steps of Evaluation


1.        What do I see? (Description) – Talk like you’re on the phone and the other person can’t see your project.

2.        How is the work organized? (Analysis) – What were the steps you followed to create the artwork?

3.        What message does this artwork communicate? (Interpretation) – What is this artwork trying to say to people?

4.        Is this a successful work of art? (Judgment) – Why? Do not just say yes or no!



Extra Credit

Students may submit up to five extra credit projects per marking period. Each project determined to be worthy of extra credit will result in one point added onto the marking period grade.



For information on projects, assignments, and due dates please visit my website at www.pennsvalley.org/webpages/wmiles




  For your final exam in this course you will be required to provide the following on the prescribed Final Exam day and date for this course.


  Requirements:  1. Provide your two best pieces of work for this course.

                                       NOTE: You may not use your sketchbook or any of the

                                       sketches for this requirement!

                                       You may use digital images of your work instead of the actual work.


                                      2. Provide a typed rationale as to why you’ve chosen these two

pieces of work and what you’ve learned/accomplished as an artist during this course while completing all the other projects we did in class. NOTE: You are to use relevant vocabulary when writing about your choices. You are to respond in paragraph form using all the standard rules of writing.

  • Papers should be 3 pages long with size 12 font and double spaced.


                                        3. Be prepared to answer, in detail, any questions that may be

                                   posed to you about your work.


    Remember this exam is 20% of your overall grade for this course. Failure to provide any or all of the above requirements on the day they are due will have an impact on your final grade for this course. You will lose 5 points for each day your final is late and 10 points each for every project not presented in the room.


Progress Reports will be a print-out from eschoolbook at the midpoint of the course (Midpoint of each marking period for single period/semester format.




  1. Be in class on time. If you are going to be late you need a signed planner. (This means in the room and at your table not just getting in the door at the bell). Each time you are late I deduct a point from your 9 Week average for the class (late 5 times your grade goes down 5 Points).
  2. Have your planner if you need to leave the room other than for the restroom.
  3. No Swearing in class. (Swearing is not part of Normal conversation and is definitely not appropriate in a school classroom.)


All rules as written in the school handbook are in effect at all times in room 31.