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Penns Valley 2017-2018 Music Calendar

October  14, 7:00  Centre/Clearfield County Band Show- P.O.

November  6, 6:30  Marching Band Banquet (Cafeteria)
                        15-16       CCMEA Band and Choir Concert- P.O.

December  20, 7:00  Junior High Holiday Concert Band & Chorus

21, 7:00  Senior High Holiday Concert Band &Chorus

January 11-13 District Band – Clearfield H.S.
                        25-27       District Chorus- Bald Eagle Area
                        29- 3/3 3:15-7:30 Spring Musical Tech Week

February 5-8, 3:15-? Spring Musical Dress Week 9-10, 7:30 Spring Musical 12, 3:30-5:30 Spring Musical Set Strike 15-17 District Jazz Band- Bald Eagle Area 20, 7:00 Junior/ Senior High Chorus Pops Concert 22-24 Region III Band- Bellefonte March 1-3 Region III Chorus- ?

April  18-21   PMEA All-State Festival - Erie, PA

May 8, 7:00  Junior/ Senior High Band Concert
                        11(12)      Junior Band/Chorus Trip to Hersheypark

15, 7:00  Junior/ Senior High Chorus Concert

SUNDAY, TBA, 7:15 Baccalaureate Sr. High Chorus 

June 1?, 6:30 CALL 4:45 Graduation Chorus Seniors & All Band Members


          Congratulations to all of the students who participated in PMEA festivals for the 2016-2017 school year.

CCMEA Band Participants

PMEA District Band Participants

PMEA District Jazz Band Participants

PMEA Region Band Participants

PMEA All State Band 

Emma Heckman- Wind Ensemble Participant