Honors Geometry Course Description

Prerequisite:  A minimum grade of 80% in Algebra 1B.

Honors Geometry is a course intended for students who excel in math and who intend to continue their study of higher levels of mathematics in high school and college.  This honors course will take an in-depth look at creating geometric constructions for many of the geometric concepts covered in this course.  Examples include but are not limited to constructing lines for the points of concurrency creating a circumcenter, incenter, centroid and orthocenter.  Students will also solve enrichment application activity assignments that will require additional time outside the regular classroom scheduled time.  The honors course will also have an increased emphasis on writing formal geometric proofs using deductive reasoning.  This course will require students to be highly motivated, as the instruction will be faster paced with an expectation of a higher level of understanding of all geometric postulates and theorems.