Honors Chemistry I Course Description

Prerequisite:  Students should have passed SC.02 Biology I with a minimum grade of 70% and a math requirement of having had or currently taking Geometry; however, it is recommended that students taking this course be currently enrolled in Algebra II.

In Honors Chemistry a student will be expected to work independently on tasks such as research, lab reports, problem solving, and other high level learning situations.  Topics addressed in this course may include, but are not limited to, energy and matter, atomic structure, chemical bonding and reactions, nomenclature, gases and current developments in chemistry. Technology will be woven throughout the daily activities and tasks of the course.  The mastery of Honors-level Chemistry content requires integration, application, and mastery of other curricula areas including primarily mathematics and language arts. Many algebraic concepts, particularly in one-variable equation manipulation, are utilized throughout the introductory chemistry concepts. Effective reading and writing strategies are required for success in this course. A variety of opportunities will exist to practice these strategies, and students will be required to demonstrate mastery of these skills as they apply them to the chemistry concepts of study.  Students will have the opportunity to self-assess their learning throughout each unit.  Students will preview the concepts and develop targets and goals for success. Throughout the unit, we will frequently revisit these targets to adjust our activities to improve accuracy and clarity.