AP American History 11 Course Description

No prerequisite – The College Board is committed to the principle that all students deserve an opportunity to participate.

AP American History is a college-level survey course in American history designed primarily for junior or senior students planning on attending college upon graduation.  The students study the breadth of American history from an analytical approach.  The course emphasizes the major political, social, economic, military and diplomatic movements and developments. Extensive reading and writing skills are a necessity. Most assessments are in an essay format including two Document Based Questions of the sort found on the AP U.S. History exam offered every May for college credit.  AP American History students are required to read and review at least three books that are read independently outside of class.  Students are required to research an historic topic and compose a term paper that is submitted near the end of the course.


A note on the AP American History Exam:  AP American History 11 will prepare students to take the AP American History Exam.  While taking the exam is encouraged, it is not a course requirement.  Many colleges and universities offer credit or placement based on AP Exam Scores.  Check with an individual institution to determine its policy on accepting AP Exam scores.