Musical Instruments Bid

Item # Instrument Brand Condition Additional Comments
18-M01 Oboe Linton Poor
18-M02 Oboe Brevete Poor
18-M03 Oboe Ambassador Poor
18-M04 Bb Clarinet Bundy and Vito Parts Poor no mouthpiece
18-M05 Bb Clarinet Selmer Poor silver metal
18-M06 Bb Clarinet Calvert Poor
18-M07 Bb Clarinet L Hansenne (In Bundy Case) Poor no mouthpiece
18-M08 Bb Clarinet Cavalier Poor no mouthpiece
18-M09 bb Clarinet Bundy Poor no mouthpiece
18-M10 Bb Clarinet Artley Poor missing bell, barrel, and mouthpiece
18-M11 Eb Alto Clarinet in Leblanc Case no make on clarinet Poor
18-M12 Eb Alto Clarinet Elkhart Poor
18-M13 Eb Alto Clarinet Bundy Poor no mouthpiece
18-M14 Contra Bass Clarinet Unknown Poor
18-M15 Tenor Saxophone Elkhart Poor no mouthpiece
18-M16 Tenor Saxophone Elkhart Poor no mouthpiece
18-M17 Baritone Saxophone Bundy Poor missing neck, no mouthpiece
18-M18 Baritone Saxophone Bundy Poor no mouthpiece
18-M19 F Horn Henrich Zalzer Poor no mouthpiece
18-M20 Upright Piano Hamilton Poor pedals need to be hooked up, some keys do not work
18-M21 Upright Piano Yamaha (on piano dolly) band room Good
18-M22 Upright Piano Yamaha Good needs new back wheel
18-M23 Baby Grand Piano Baldwin (on piano dolly) pit Poor